Slow Festivity

Every year I swear I won’t let the busyness and stress of the festive season get to me and yet every year I get to the end feeling like I have just run a cross country race.

As an introvert, the crowds and busyness of the season can be really overwhelming. Also, the financial stress that the season brings seems to increase as the numbers of family members in our growing family increase.

It hasn’t always been this way though, Christmas was a magical time for me as a child. It is in the middle of our South African holidays and we spent the entire holiday at our grandparents home in a small town, where we would cycle to our friends houses and send whole days swimming in the dam.

So I know that festive seasons filled with magic and wonder are not only the creation of TV movies. I want to bring that simpleness and slowness of celebration to my children’s childhoods. I have tried, unsuccessfully in past years by adding in the wrong things. Entire Pinterest boards dedicated to festive season recipes, crafts, activities adding to the mounting anxiety and busyness.

This year I am trying something different. Mindfulness and simplicity is the name of the game for me and I would like to invite you to travel along with me.

In the twelve days leading up to Christmas day I am going to sending out an email detailing how I am staying on track so that you can too. Included will be;

  • – journal prompts
  • – mindfulness exercises
  • – guided meditations
  • – self care rituals
  • – joyful (easy and free) things to do with children
  • – decadent treats that are nourishing too


Sign up here, we start December 13th


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