Minimalist decision making

My note from The Universe today was thus;

True life mastery, Christine, is more a function of knowing what to want, that knowing how to get what you want.

Incidentally, my word for 2019 is minimalism.

“Let’s imagine this new year as a blank slate. It’s like an empty house: what would we like to put in it?
This is a kind of minimalism. We can start afresh, tossing out everything and only placing in this empty house what we find most important, and nothing more”

– Leo Babauta

As I wrote on Instagram earlier this year ‘I am choosing to fill my year with only the most important relationships, work, commitments and with these I intend to be ALL IN. I am choosing to honor routine and rhythm. I will be creating more, reading more and scrolling less. I will be focusing on simplification, organization and mindfulness. And yes, I will be minimizing possessions too, but I also intend to minimize spending, resources used, and waste produced.’

Because minimalism extends further than physical belongings, or at least, it can, right? We could even practice a kind of minimalist decision making by knowing exactly what to want…

So how do we know what to want?

Notice, above I said ‘what to want’, not ‘what we want’, because people want all sorts of things, thanks to Instagram and influencers and adverts and modern life. The pursuit of fulfillment is endless in our current consumer culture.

It is therefore not about what we want, or what we think we want – because anyone can want, but what we ultimately should want. And the only guide we have is our intuition. This intuition could be attributed to a higher power if you feel the need. But, I believe human nature is inherently good. I believe that if each one of us allowed ourselves the dignity to really sit with decisions – be they on purchasing an even bigger television or moving to where the grass is greener – that pure intent would lead the way. Our inherent goodness, love, would guide us.

If you want to know if you have made the right decision, ask yourself if your intentions were pure.

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