New Moon – Setting Your Intentions

New Moon Intentions! New Moon is a great time to set your new intentions for the next lunar month.

Intentions differ from goals in that they are the HOW to obtain the outcomes (goals) and it is a great exercise to define these on a monthly basis. This ensures that you are always on the right path towards your ultimate dreams.

New Moon is a powerful time for manifesting your hearts greatest desires and you will naturally find that you are flowing with new ideas and the motivation to get started on them.You can actually feel overwhelmed with all the ideas flowing, and could perhaps use a bit of focus? Setting your intentions provides this focus, and more! The energy at this time of the lunar month is perfect for getting clear on the HOW’s.

Ideally you would set these intentions at or just after the new moon or once the new cycle has started. Below, I have set out four super simple but powerful journal prompts to set your New Moon intentions for the next lunar cycle.

Super simple but powerful journal prompts to set your New Moon intentions for the next lunar cycle. Share on X

“If you’re serious about being a deliberate manifestor, the New Moon phase is when you should make time for yourself and put your wishes into writing or in a drawing.” – Yasmin Boland, from Moonology

Four Super Simple, but Powerful Journal Prompts for setting those New Moon Intentions

1. Start by defining a clear outcome for the next lunar cycle – your GOALS

2. Next, define how you intend to manifest this outcome during this next lunar cycle – your INTENTIONS

3. FEEL how you would feel when your desires come true, sit with this feeling and then describe it in your journal, at length

4. Hold these feelings over the full lunar cycle, journal on them often

You can set goals and intentions for every area of your life. For instance, finances, career, relationships & family and spirituality but try and keep your intentions to a limit of 10 so as not to dilute the energy around them.

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