About Chris Drew

Hi, I'm Christine, But please, call me Chris

I reside in sun-kissed South Africa alongside my husband and our three wild little unschoolers. Crafting digital sanctuaries has been my calling ever since my son's arrival 12 years ago.

During that phase, I was a single mother, compelled by a deep-seated desire to never put my son in daycare. This compelling drive ignited the inception of my web design agency. Since then there has been another marriage, the joy of nurturing two more children, and countless websites.

My passions encompass gentle parenting, yoga, and freebirthing.

Welcoming my son into the world not only paved the way for my work-from-home web agency but also propelled me into the realm of attachment parenting. I dove into every available book on the topic. Five years later, with my daughter's birth, I discovered Aletha Solter's Aware Parenting. Aletha Solter's Aware Parenting is the balm that this world needs and I am very slowly but very enthusiastically in the process of becoming an Aware Parenting Mentor.

Aletha Solter's Aware Parenting is the balm that this world needs

As a birth doula, I also hold the space for this sacred rite of passage.

While my practice may have taken a back seat due to the demands of nurturing young souls for the past 12 years, the transformative transition from maiden to mother holds a steadfast place in my heart.

I studied a BA in English Language and Literature from UNISA. At the same time, I entered the workplace as a front office secretary at a school, eventually transitioning to a teaching role. My path then carried me through the corporate Johannesburg, in sales, account management, and eventually project management.

I have always been tech-savvy - the designated troubleshooter for school copiers. A graphic design course during my high school days further ignited my passion. I am a self-taught web designer, a fact I now proclaim with pride.

Learning is boundless, but it's my unwavering passion that fuels my ability to fashion authentic online havens for healers, mentors, lightworkers, and guides.

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