2024 By Design 1

2024 By Design Workbook Clarity & Goal Setting for Moms who run their own business, homeschool / Unschool their children, and embrace connection & slow living.

What you get:

  • An instant download ebook in two versions, one that is print friendly and one that is electronically fillable.
  • 50 pages of journal prompts and clarity - see sample pages at the bottom of this page.

The contents of the workbook include:

  • A full review of 2023 including prompts for your personal journey this year, your family life, your finances and business.
  • A invocation of 2024 to set the tone and theme of the new year including setting a sacred word of the year, defining your personal and family values, and taking a deep look at your personal and families needs and where these needs may not currently be being met.
  • Goal setting for 2024, including prompts for personal goals, family goals, financial goals and business goals.
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Positive Parenting

This is an excerpt from the book ‘Money and the Law of Attraction’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Not normally the book I would go to for parenting advice, but I tend to find tidbits of wisdom to support my parenting journey in all media I consume, as it is a passion of mine –…

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Minimalist decision making

My note from The Universe today was thus; True life mastery, Christine, is more a function of knowing what to want, that knowing how to get what you want. Incidentally, my word for 2019 is minimalism. “Let’s imagine this new year as a blank slate. It’s like an empty house: what would we like to…

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One foot in front of the other

Just keep going. Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. I think, that perhaps, this is my philosophy to life? Because eventually you will get there, to your dreams, your goals. It is inevitable, as long as you keep moving towards them, no matter how slow. Again, thinking of the YouTube video…

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