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This is an excerpt from the book ‘Money and the Law of Attraction’ by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Not normally the book I would go to for parenting advice, but I tend to find tidbits of wisdom to support my parenting journey in all media I consume, as it is a passion of mine – synchronicity, and all that.

I know that a few people get a bit iffy with the whole ‘good vibes only’ thing, because it can be non-supportive of the true struggles those with depression and other mental health challenges experience, but, as I travel the divorce journey I have found it incredibly helpful to focus on the positive, in all aspects of my life, even my parenting, and this is why I share this with you today. Perhaps it will be helpful to you too – I hope so.

“By holding an image of improvement in you son’s life, you help him move toward that.”

I have found, with my son who is nearly 9, that if someone concentrates on all that he could possibly be worried about, as we go through this large life transition, that he can become gloomy and morose, instead of his normally sunny, bubbly, fun-loving self.

On the other hand, when I focus on everything that is going great for him right now, on how many great friends he has and how often he gets to see them. On how much his swimming and confidence in the water has improved over the last few months, due to the warm winter we have had in our new coastal town. His mood lightens and he is once again the bubbly, joyful boy he actually is. I do not even have to point out all of this good in his life to him, or force him to do gratitude lists of his own, or anything like that. I simply change my own mindset, and his naturally pivots to match mine as I find myself setting up more play dates and fun experiences for all of us.

Positive attention, as opposed to negative attention is an amazing gentle parenting tool. Share on X

My son, hiking with friends yesterday.


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