2024 By Design 1

2024 By Design Workbook Clarity & Goal Setting for Moms who run their own business, homeschool / Unschool their children, and embrace connection & slow living.

What you get:

  • An instant download ebook in two versions, one that is print friendly and one that is electronically fillable.
  • 50 pages of journal prompts and clarity - see sample pages at the bottom of this page.

The contents of the workbook include:

  • A full review of 2023 including prompts for your personal journey this year, your family life, your finances and business.
  • A invocation of 2024 to set the tone and theme of the new year including setting a sacred word of the year, defining your personal and family values, and taking a deep look at your personal and families needs and where these needs may not currently be being met.
  • Goal setting for 2024, including prompts for personal goals, family goals, financial goals and business goals.
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